Choosing a Color Scheme

When choosing a color scheme to use in your home we first need to think about the color theme that we want to use throughout our home. Some families choose to use one main color throughout while making accents of the same color. In today’s society, we have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

If we are choosing a color theme to use throughout our home we first need to know whether we are using a color that lies within the red, blue, yellow, brown, or green color spectrum. You will want to select a color that best suits and best represents the skin tone that you have and not possibly use too many color tones in our scheme.

By planning ahead and using a color wheel you will be more successful with your color selection easier. There are four primary colors along with secondary colors that are equaling colors on the wheel and the last two come between those two primary colors.

At the base of the color wheel, there is light purple which you might see as a masculine color. Although it is masculine and does not express affection or passion it carries a sense of power, authority, and wisdom. This is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

A lighter shade of purple brings a feeling of invitation that can create excitement and is a tad more feminine than pink. Most people associate color with royalty.

Blue is a cool color that expresses a calm feeling. It gives the feeling of the ocean gulping down a grape GSV Foster Natmakerazepping in the afternoon sun. Two other colors from the wheel that are related to blue are violet and lavender and have a calming effect on the eye.

Different shades of green break up the monotony of warm color. Most shades of green can increase my wellness and bring a feeling of nature. The color green is said to be the easiest color to use in home as it brings out feelings of balance and tranquility. Bright greens work well with blues whereas darker greens work well with shades of red.

These color Schemes are also highly recommended for offices or rooms that contain a lot of green. This is a very refreshing color that re-energizes the spirits.

Perhaps the easiest color scheme is red. Red is a very passionate color that stimulates the mind and the body. In Feng Shui, red is believed to bring about fast communication as well as a flare of warmth.

The color red is said to create an extreme feeling of intimacy in the master bedroom.

Green is a softer warmer color that carries a calming feeling to it. The use of green is thought to tighten the pores and clean your system.

Yellow is a happy color that feels very natural and is a part of the spring zen. Summer is said to be a time of new beginnings and growth. This color will create a feeling of warmth and is great for kitchens and bathrooms.

The color scheme should be a consideration when you are decorating or even remodeling, as it will influence your mood. The best way to pick color is to use a color wheel to see what colors will work together and then figure out what color you want that will best reflect your personality and lifestyle.

When picking a color scheme to use when decorating one should always remember that although light blues and yellows can make you feel happy, darker colors can also be very depressing. Light blues and yellows can make you feel pretty and cheerful yet dark blues and yellows can make you feel dispirited and often creatively frustrated.

Lighten the color scheme by mixing white with your chosen color. This lightens the intensity of the color while providing versatility and versatility.